I think we can all agree that sleep is amazing, but when we decide to push the limits of our fatigue or we don’t have the proper bedding, it can really affect those waking hours. Sleep resets and revitalizes your body, which can improve your performance capabilities. That already sounds like reason enough to grab those eight hours each night! Yes, there are several factors that hinder sleep, but the one you can improve today is the place in where you lay.

The Brain Loves Sleep

According to Sleep.org, sleep is, “critical for the formation and consolidation of memories.” When you’re fatigued, information retention is at an all time low, which hinders your ability to solve problems, remember names and places, think creatively. With the proper amount of solid rest, you can recall information faster and retain information better. That’s a no-brainer.

The Body Loves Sleep

Not sleeping well? It could mean the premature development of wrinkles.

Little to no sleep can damage your inner functions and your outer appearance. Droopy skin and the too-early appearance of wrinkles? No thanks! When you don’t sleep well, your body releases a hormone called cortisol, which helps your body respond to stress. This hormone also breaks down collagen, which keeps your skin smooth and springy. In addition to harming your skin’s appearance, a lack of sleep can weaken your immune system and leave you more susceptible to illness and prolong your recovery period.

The Stomach Loves Sleep

Cravings can go into overdrive, leading you to eat more high-fat foods.

No sleep? Eat! Eat! Eat! When you aren’t well rested, your belly aches for more food. The two hormones that regulate hunger and fullness don’t function appropriately, and you’ll eat more before your stomach tells you to stop. With enough sleep, those two hormones operate as they should and you’ll feel full when you’re supposed to. Sleeplessness can lead to a lifetime of weight gain issues.

Mattresses Matter

A new mattress can completely change how you sleep.

Chances are, you’ve been trying to sleep on a hand-me-down mattress or you bought the wrong kind. You’ve been tossing and turning for way too long! Picking the right mattress can mean better sleep, better ideas, better skin, and better dieting. The two main types of mattresses are inner spring and memory foam, but there are hybrid options that incorporate both. Inner spring mattresses can be firm or soft depending on spring density and memory foam mattresses contour to your body. If you suffer from back pain and it keeps you up at night, consider changing mattresses. Sleep.org’s research has found “63 percent of people say that their back pain improved after switching to a new mattress.”

We Want You To Sleep Better!

If you suffer from a lack of sleep, we want to help you find a solution! Visit any one of our Atlanta-area locations and our team of sleep experts will help you find the right mattress, foundation, and bedding for a better sleep experience. Not only that, but we’ll deliver your new in-stock mattress on the same day as your purchase! That way you won’t have to wait for better rest!