What are your Valentine’s Day plans this year? Don’t have anything planned yet? Well, you’d better hurry! Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching. To be exact, it’s just two days away! Complicating things further, this year’s holiday of love will be falling on a Friday. So it may be even harder to get a reservation at your favorite upscale restaurant. If you don’t have plans yet, here are a few Valentine’s Day date ideas that will impress your spouse or significant other – and keep you out of the doghouse!

In a Rut? Try These 3 Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

The purpose of this post is to inspire you to do Valentine’s different. It’s super easy to find yourself in a rut of doing the same old thing year-after-year. To be clear, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the flowers, wine and chocolate routine. Or the nice dinner out-on-the-town routine for that matter. However, if you’ve waited too long to plan for one reason or another, or if you’re looking to mix things up in 2020, here are a few Valentine’s Day date ideas to inspire you…

(1) Ditch the Crowds

romantic valentines day dinner

Nothing says “I love you” quite like waiting for hours inside an overcrowded restaurant. That was definitely sarcasm. There is no rule stating you must subject yourself to the madness of a dinner date on Valentine’s Day. One solution is to celebrate early, or perhaps later in the weekend. If you go this route however, make sure to communicate this plan to your partner in advance. Letting them believe you’ve forgotten Valentine’s Day is a big no-no.

Another potential alternative is to make a romantic dinner at home. You can either cook dinner yourself to show your love and appreciation, or cook dinner together as part of the date – whichever you prefer! Either way, the love of your life will likely appreciate this stress-free alternative.

(2) Be Nostalgic

valentines day nostalgic date

In general, people like familiarity. This familiar comfort is exactly why nostalgia is such a powerful emotion! Whatever your Valentine’s Day plans are, be sure to include something from the beautiful shared memories of your past. Do you remember your first date together? What about your first anniversary? How about your honeymoon? Where did you go? What did you do?

Remember, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to remind your love of the amazing times you’ve shared together – and to celebrate it with them! Do you know what’s more romantic than a nice steak dinner? Taking your special someone back to the site of your first kiss, or giving them a sentimental gift that calls back to your past times together.

(3) Engage Your Significant Other’s Love Language

5 love languages

Lastly, and most importantly, learn your partner’s love language and do something specifically that speaks that language to them. Are you familiar with the idea of “love languages”? Originally inspired by the New York Times bestseller “The Five Love Languages”, this theory on relationships suggests that each person has certain ways that they are wired to show and receive love. For Valentine’s Day, let’s focus on how your romantic partner best receives love.

Some people experience love best through the receiving of gifts. Others are more receptive to love in the form of physical touch, or through loving, thankful, and encouraging words. While others prefer to be shown love through the gift of time spent together, or through acts of service. Everyone is different, but hopefully you have some idea how your wife, husband, fiancé, fiancée, boyfriend or girlfriend prefers to experience love. Once you’ve figured this out, tailoring the perfect date for them becomes so much easier! If your partner’s love language is acts of service, do something to serve them this Valentine’s Day. If it is through words, write them a heartfelt note to show them just how much you cherish them. You get the idea. Just make sure that you’re speaking the “language” that they understand.

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