April showers bring May flowers, but how are you going to decorate with them? After you’ve added a little greenery to your home, you might want to consider complimenting your fresh bouquet with some floral furniture.

Incorporating floral prints into your home’s look is a great way to add personality to a lackluster space. Here are some of our favorite tips for decorating with florals, but first, a brief introduction to traditional and modern floral prints:

A Brief Introduction to Traditional and Modern Floral Prints and How They Differ

LEFT: The faded autumn tones in this accent pillow are traditional and soft. RIGHT: This loud and vibrant chair is a spirited example of a modern floral.

Traditional florals have a delicate and romantic look to them, and their color palettes tend to be muted. Traditional florals tend to have a classic European feel to them as well, leaving one feeling as though they are in an episode of Downton Abbey instead of their own home. Modern florals tend to be bolder and saturated with color. The difference is very clear when looking at the two side by side. Modern floral prints can boast chunky lines or minimalist themes, but it’s the rich coloring that indicates a modern floral. Their oversized presence can really animate a room, but be cautious about how you incorporate modern florals into your space. There is a fine line between being stylish and being overwhelming.

1. Add curated floral accents that mesh instead of clash

Floral Bedding And Carpet - Woodstock Furniture & Mattress Outlet

LEFT: The bedspread and sham pillows represent the large-scale pattern, while the two different floral pillows represent your accent partners. RIGHT: This Magnolia Home rug has a lot of great colors you can pull from for accents.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to mix and match different floral patterns. The neutral or background color tends to be the best pairing factor for a cohesive look. Contrast your large-scale floral pattern with two busier options that share a similar color palette. Pillows are the perfect example of floral pattern pairing, and they’re a simple way to give your neutral look a lot of character with little investment. Even a complex floral rug (like this one from our Magnolia Home selection) needs a friend for the negative space on the couch!

2. Go big with a floral statement piece to power your look

Complex floral prints and simple floral prints both provide an added dimension to your room.

A loud floral comforter, couch, or chair can enliven your home and catch the attention of any guest that visits. If you’re thinking of adding a substantial floral pattern to a room, you might want to avoid adding anything similar unless it’s the same print. An accent chair can add dimension and juxtaposition to a tame space and really tie the room together. If you’re apprehensive about a multi-colored statement piece, a two-toned floral print can be just as compelling as a flashy showpiece. Diggin’ that charcoal and white chair on the right? You can get it here.

3. Frame your floral style from floor to ceiling

Curate a floral chart collection or stay consistent with one beautiful floral series.

If a floral showpiece is just not enough, you can definitely say it with art! Vintage inspired floral charts are a chic, yet timeless addition to any wall! For an even bigger impact go with a framed floral series, which will cover a lot of ground (or wall space) and support your blossoming style! Still not enough flower for you? Consider blanketing one of your walls with a bold and trendy floral wallpaper, but make sure you balance its prominence with simple lines, soft accents, and neutral colors.

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