Starting in February or March every year, the big mattress makers announce their latest and greatest new products. For WFMO, this usually means a bunch of mattress shoppers! Well, 2019 is no exception. As we discussed a few weeks ago, Stearns & Foster just released their impressive new mattress lineup. Never one to be outdone, Tempur-Pedic officially launched their improved 2019 TEMPUR-Breeze mattress collection this week!

What is TEMPUR-Breeze you ask, and what makes these mattresses special? Read on for the details! If you sleep hot, we think you’ll be especially interested!

What is the TEMPUR-Breeze Collection?

Did you know that several studies have examined the relationship between temperature and sleep? The findings show that people in cooler environments not only fall asleep more quickly, but they also sleep longer with fewer disturbances! That is what the TEMPUR-Breeze mattress is about. As always, Tempur-Pedic brought all of their cutting-edge materials to the table to craft a mattress that can truly keep you cool all night long.

The TEMPUR-Breeze mattress is the very first of its kind. Never before has a mattress been built from the ground up with the primary function of keeping sleepers cool. The 2019 lineup includes the PRObreeze and LUXEbreeze mattresses, and between the two, they have a lot in common! Impressively, these mattresses keep the bed feeling a minimum of 3 degrees cooler than a standard Tempur-Pedic ProAdapt mattress!

PRObreeze vs. LUXEbreeze

Pro Breeze Layers

Working from the outside in, both PRObreeze and LUXEbreeze feature the SmartClimate Dual Cover System. This is a zip-off, machine-washable cover made with cool-to-touch fabric. For a tad more cooling, the LUXEbreeze features SmartClimate MAX, which includes twice as much cooling yarn.

One layer down, you’ll find Tempur-Pedic’s new PURECOOL+ Phase Change Material. Infused into the top layer of the mattress, this material creates a cooling effect whenever it senses heat. While the cool-to-touch fabric above makes things cooler when you first lie down, PURECOOL+ maintains this cooling sensation while you drift off to sleep.

Below the PURECOOL+ layer, both mattresses also feature the same TEMPUR-CM+ Comfort Material. This specially-designed open cell Tempur Material was made solely to optimize airflow, breathability, and heat dissipation.

Lastly, we get to the support layer. The PRObreeze mattresses sit on a base layer of Tempur-Pedic’s tried-and-true original Tempur Material. By contrast, the LUXEbreeze uses a ventilated TEMPUR-APR support layer. This ventilation once again gives a slight cooling edge to the LUXEbreeze.

The PRObreeze is available in medium and medium hybrid and feels an impressive 3 degrees cooler to the sleeper. The LUXEbreeze is available in soft and firm, and with its SmartClimate MAX cover and ventilated TEMPUR-APR base layer, it feels an incredible 8 degrees cooler than a standard Tempur-Pedic mattress! These mattresses are like nothing else on the market!

Luxe Breeze Layers

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Whether you’re shopping for a new mattress or merely intrigued, swing by one of our Atlanta-area stores and try a new TEMPUR-Breeze mattress for yourself! Let us know which one feels best to you! These cool, new mattresses (nope, not apologizing for that pun) are now available in all of our WFMO and Woodstock Mattress Outlet locations. Remember, as a preferred Tempur-Pedic Elite Retailer, we always get the latest products before those other mattress stores! See you soon!