Over the last few decades, there’s been a silent revolt happening in offices across the country. It’s not cultural or political, but this revolution is indeed changing how America does business. Of course, we’re talking about the growing trend of working remotely. Widespread access to high speed internet has ushered in the new age of the digital workplace. As more and more people telework from their homes multiple days a week, the demand for quality home office furniture is skyrocketing! If you’re one of these “revolutionaries”, WFMO wants to ensure that you have a functional and comfortable home office.

Teleworking by the Numbers

Did you know that upwards of 1/4 of America’s workforce telecommutes at least part time? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this has been occurring since at least 2015 when they reported that 24% of workers did some or all of their work from home. Depending on who you ask, that number is actually much, much higher.

For instance, the results of a Gallup survey published last year indicated that 43% of employed Americans work from home at least part of the time. As you can imagine, these findings vary by industry, but this trend is definitely on the rise across the board. According to the same survey, jobs in insurance, real estate, finance, computer science, transportation and mathematics are the most accepting. Obviously, the nature of many retail, education, and service-oriented jobs make them slow to adopt this new trend.


But is Telecommuting Actually Beneficial?

The trend seems inevitable for many industries. But is working from home really beneficial for both businesses and their employees? Surprisingly, according to most available data, the answer is yes! Both the previous Gallup poll and a 2-year study by Stanford University economist Nicholas Bloom found similar results.

There appears to be a statistical “sweet spot” for telecommuters. Those who worked in the office 100% of the time, had similar levels of engagement as those who worked from the office 0% of the time. Employees working exclusively in office environments suffered the most distractions on a regular basis and were frequently pulled off task. Those working exclusively from home were more productive, however team cohesion became a real issue in the absence of social interaction with management and with coworkers.

The solution suggested by both Dr. Bloom and by the Gallup survey, was for employees to split time between home and office. According to both sources, those who worked 3 to 4 days per week from home were both the most productive and the most engaged. These employees were also the most satisfied with their work/life balance, and felt the most positively toward their employers. This balance allows for sufficient communication between teammates and managers, while also allowing each worker the space to get their work done.

WFMO is North Georgia’s Home for Quality Home Office Furniture

Are you one of these millions of Americans now working at least part-time from your home? If so, please don’t settle for working from your dining room table or kitchen counter. Come by one of our Atlanta area showrooms and let our no-pressure associates help furnish your new home office!

Whether you telecommute every day or once a month, we have an unbeatable selection of affordable, quality home office furniture to fit both your needs and your décor. If you’re a stay-at-home parent doing part-time work from home, we’ve got small console table desks perfect for your office nook. If you’re an executive with an enormous home study, we’ve got elegant full office furniture sets as well. This includes everything from executive desks to bookcases; from file cabinets to credenzas!

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