Last month, a couple of our decorator and influencer friends dropped by the Woodstock/Acworth store to share their favorite tablescaping tips. Did you miss it on our social media? If so, don’t worry. Because today we are recapping our favorite dining table centerpiece ideas for Holiday 2019! Scroll on for the details and a short video from WFMO friend and interior guru Cindy DeMaio.

Keep in mind that these same foundational tips can be used in your dining room year round!

What is Tablescaping?

But first, what is tablescaping? “Landscaping” is the aesthetic arrangement of plants, beds and decor in a yard. Well, “tablescaping” is the aesthetic arrangement of centerpieces, accessories, place settings or other decor on a dining table, kitchen table, counter, buffet or sideboard. It’s not as daunting as you might think. In fact, most people already do it without realizing it!

If tablescaping is the arrangement of decor items on a table, centerpieces are the main items you’re arranging. Remember, your tablescapes can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. A stylish layout can include everything from a simple decorative vase or candle holder, to bottles, baskets of greenery, linen table runners and more. Don’t forget, you can find all of these things at WFMO! We want to be your one-stop shop for furniture and decor!

Dining Table Centerpiece Ideas & Tips

As Cindy says above, there are 3 things to consider when mulling over new dining table centerpiece ideas…

1) Color

The first thing to consider with tablescapes and centerpieces, are the colors in your dining room. Do you have an area rug? How about upholstered dining chairs or benches? If so, what color is the fabric?

Before you start, you need to know that your new decor choices won’t clash with the color palette of your existing furniture. Even if your new tablescape features a bright accent color (like the gorgeous blue table runner in the video), make sure it ties in to some other color in the environment. Lastly, be sure to bring a photo with you of whatever furniture or accessories you are trying to match.

2) Height

Second, you need to create a sense of height to your surface, whether it’s a dining table, counter-top or server. The best way to do this is by mixing up the height of your centerpieces like the candle holders above. A tall vase, flower arrangement or other centerpiece will draw eyes to your beautiful handiwork. And instead of a bland, flat table, you’ve got instant character!

3) Layering & Depth

Finally, layering is a key part of all great dining table centerpiece ideas. It is important to give height to your tablescape, but it is just as important to create depth as well. Instead of just one centerpiece or accessory, you should work in layers.

For instance, start with a base like a runner or tablecloth, add a centerpiece or two, and finish off with some greenery or something festive on top. For Thanksgiving, think pumpkins, squash, gourds, or leaves. When it comes to Christmas, think ball ornaments, holly or mistletoe. The same layering rules apply for place settings as well. It is that simple to get started!

WFMO: Metro Atlanta’s Choice for Dining Room & Décor

We hope you enjoyed our recap of dining table centerpiece ideas for Holiday 2019 – or anytime! Now that you’ve reviewed our decorating advice, it’s time to create a plan of your own! Whether you’re looking for a fresh dining table centerpiece for the holidays, or you’re simply looking for some tablescaping inspiration, we promise you’ll find everything you could want at any of our three North Georgia locations. For even more unique accessories and home décor items, check out theLOFT inside our Woodstock/Acworth and Dallas/Hiram showrooms.

Don’t forget to come by the WFMO blog again next Wednesday. You won’t want to miss the details on our 2019 Veteran’s Day Sale starting next week!