Stearns & Foster mattresses are the pinnacle of comfort and luxury. Well, it’s only January and S&F is already rolling out their new and improved mattress lineup for 2019! And you know what? As of this week, Woodstock Furniture & Mattress Outlet is the ONLY place to find them in Georgia!

About Stearns & Foster

WFMO’s connection with Stearns & Foster runs deep. For instance, did you know that many of their mattresses are handcrafted here in the Atlanta area? One of their facilities is just across town in Conyers. As one of America’s foremost premium mattress brands, S&F is also the most established. In continual operation since 1846, the folks at Stearns & Foster know quite a bit about crafting high quality mattresses. In fact, all Stearns & Foster mattresses are handcrafted by a certified master craftsman! The quality of an S&F mattress is truly off the charts. There’s no comparison.

2019 Stearns & Foster Mattresses: The Details

As of this past Monday, January 28th, WFMO has the Stearns & Foster Estate, Stearns & Foster Lux Estate, and Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Hybrid Collections available. All three of these collections are full of features you’ll love and are available in Firm, Plush, and Pillow-Top.

Each of these Stearns & Foster mattresses include either Intellicoil® or Intellicoil® HD (The “HD” stands for High Density). Consumer translation? Intellicoil® is a coil-within-coil spring that not only provides extra support on Day 1, but provides a longer “comfort life” for years afterward. This means that your new Stearns & Foster has exceptional durability, as the Intellicoil® resists sagging and wear for far longer than other mattresses using single coil springs.

Additionally, every new S&F mattress is wrapped in Tencel™, a natural moisture-wicking fabric, and includes the PrecisionEdge™ + AirVent System to improve airflow to keep you cool and dry. Unlike methods used by other mattress makers to keep sleepers cool, S&F is 100% safe and natural!

Lastly, depending on which model you choose, your new mattress will include varying amounts of Indulge™ or Indulge™ HD Memory Foam. How exactly is it better than the others? Well, unlike literally every other mattress company who all source their memory foam from 3rd party manufacturers, Indulge™ and Indulge™ HD are made in-house by Stearns & Foster’s sister company, Tempur-Pedic!

Metro Atlanta’s Premier Stearns & Foster Mattress Store

Explore the above features and more on a trip to Woodstock Furniture & Mattress Outlet! Don’t forget, we are the first to have these updated Stearns & Foster mattresses. You won’t find them anywhere else in Georgia! Why would you shop the old models somewhere else when you can shop the new and improved mattresses at WFMO? Come visit us at our Acworth, Dallas/Hiram or Rome showrooms, or our Woodstock Mattress Outlet locations in Canton, Buckhead, Kennesaw and Douglasville. Once you try one of these premium S&F mattresses, there’s no going back! Try one today!