To flip? Or not to flip? That is the question! For decades, mattress experts have been preaching to consumers about the importance of flipping mattresses every so often. In the past, manufacturers recommended this to ensure even wear on the mattress springs and casing. But how often should you flip your mattress? Is it really necessary these days? What about rotating them? Are the rules different for gel memory foam or hybrid mattresses? Read on for the answers to these questions and much more in WFMO’s quick guide to flipping and rotating mattresses!

So, Should You Flip Your Mattress?

So, should you flip your mattress? Is mattress flipping good advice or just superstition? The quick answer – you probably don’t need to flip unless your mattress meets a couple specific criteria. Is your mattress a traditional inner spring design? Is it at least several years old? Does it lack a pillow top (also known as a euro top) on the top side only? If so, you might be one of the few people that still needs to flip your mattress.

Only traditional inner spring mattresses ever need to be flipped. Even so, more and more modern inner spring mattresses are engineered to be one-sided for both better comfort and convenience. Double-sided or reversible innerspring mattresses have been on the decline for at least the last decade, so your inner spring mattress may not even need to be flipped if you’ve purchased one recently. In fact, Sealy hasn’t made a single mattress that requires flipping in over 10 years!

mattress layers

Lastly, you never need to flip a hybrid, Tempur material, gel memory foam or latex mattress. This is because manufacturers designed them from the base up with various support layers that don’t work in reverse. Similarly, pillow top and euro top mattresses are designed to be no-flip as well.

As for rotating your mattress, it certainly can’t hurt! Unlike flipping a no-flip mattress (which can actually harm the mattress itself), most mattress manufacturers still recommend rotating your mattress every three to six months. This is as simple as turning your mattress 180 degrees so that your head is now where your feet used to be.

Flip Your Mattress No More! Let WFMO Help!

Quick disclaimer: we have no way of knowing your exact mattress (unless you purchased it from us). If in doubt, you should contact the mattress manufacturer for specific mattress care information.

However, if you buy a new mattress from us, we can guarantee that your mattress flipping days are over! Whether it’s a new Stearns & Foster, Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, Golden Elegance or Symbol, we only carry the latest in high quality, no-flip mattresses. If you’re sick of flipping your mattress, visit one of our WFMO showrooms or any of our four Woodstock Mattress Outlet locations today!

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