A couple weeks ago we turned our clocks back an hour, which means mornings are now brighter, evenings are now darker, and colder weather is coming. Bringing warmth inside doesn’t just mean cranking up the heater and lighting up the fireplace, although those things definitely help. There are different ways to warm up your interior and boost your coziness levels before the holiday season really cranks up.

Use these fun décor tips to heat up your home in style.

Change Your Color Palette

Red plaid? Rich woods? Cozy camel? Hello warm colors!

A traditional, neutral-colored sofa is a great canvas for playing with color. Swap out your sofa’s cool and lightly colored pillows with darker options in colors like burgundy or chocolate. Bring in a bulky dark wood coffee table and layer on complementary accent items like golden trays, merlot-colored vases, and natural textures. Oranges, golds, browns, reds are the colors to consider when changing up your room’s look. A suede camel sofa? Yes please! Even blacks and dark greys add a coziness factor, like the furry pillows above. Incorporating bedding in bold dark tones is another quick and effective way to transform your bedroom spaces into a warm winter haven. Guests will feel welcome and comfortable in a plush, layered bed all stay long.

Get Closer Together

Pull that beautiful Magnolia Home sofa away from the window!

According to Better Homes & Gardens, winter is the perfect time to move your furniture around. “Pull furniture away from the walls and around the fireplace to create cozy conversation areas.” From a practical standpoint, moving your furniture is a great way to keep your floors from wearing unevenly, and it allows you to clean in areas that are traditionally neglected. From a seasonal standpoint, a tighter arrangement keeps you away from drafty windows and chilly entryways.

Warm Up Your Lights

Embrace that winter mood with soft lighting.

Shorter days call for darker nights, and there is no better way to set a winter evening mood than with warm lighting. The timeless Edison bulb has made a comeback and its flame-like glow adds a dramatic effect to your space. Some Edison bulbs are made using LED lights, which conserves electricity and lasts longer. Many accent lamps use the Edison bulb as the focal point of the piece, removing the shade in its entirety. The chandelier above features several exposed bulbs draped around a sizable wood post. You can see it any others in The Loft section. Warmer, dimmer lights allow you to really embrace the drama of the season.

We’ve Got the Hottest Looks

If you’re ready to transform your home for the season, you can start with us! Our Atlanta-area stores are loaded with winter-ready styles you’ll cozy up to in a heartbeat. Need help finding the right fit? Our dedicated team of furniture experts know exactly where to go and what to show you to help you narrow down your options. Rich and warm wood pieces? Furry layering blankets and seasonal decor items? Stunning lamps and chandeliers? We’ve got you covered! Literally!