National Cheesecake Day is Saturday, July 30! If you’re like us, you’re getting your kitchen ready for a celebration to commemorate this sweet occasion. We’re using three tasty recipes from our favorite chef and furniture designer, Paula Deen, and we think you should give them a try, too! If you’re hosting a cheesecake-themed get-together this Saturday, you’re going to need somewhere to serve your desserts. These Paula Deen coffee tables are spacious enough to hold you and your friends’ pies, and they’re the perfect canvas for couch-based tastings.

Paula Deen’s NY Cheesecake & The Dogwood Low Tide Shelf Cocktail Table

The classic cheesecake needs a classic coffee table. Paula Deen’s New York-style cheesecake has a chocolate topping that pairs perfectly with the deep finish of the Dogwood Low Tide Shelf Cocktail Table. The turned trumpet legs will serenade your style tooth while the cheesecake serenades your sweet tooth! We love the rich, traditional feel of the Dogwood Low Tide table, and we think the NY Cheesecake would look perfect atop its fancy veneer top.

Paula Deen’s Cheesecake with Pralines & The Tobacco Put Your Feet Up Table

Does it get more southern than pralines? We don’t think so! This sugary-sweet cheesecake needs some Charleston charm, and the Tobacco Put Your Feet Up Table has just that! This coffee table has plenty of countertop space for multiple cheesecakes, but the praline cheesecake would definitely take center stage. The best part? A portion of this table lifts up, so you can pull that cheesecake closer and marvel at its beauty before you dive in! There are also two storage drawers for forks, napkins, and well, more cheesecakes!

Paula Deen’s Cheesecake Parfaits & The Dogwood Blossom Open Cocktail Table

Grab your spoon and take a seat at the Dogwood Blossom Open Cocktail Table. This cheesecake is in parfait form! The bright and airy Dogwood Blossom table is the perfect partner for these fluffy parfaits. The cup and saucer turned legs and chalk white finish add layers of style, which makes it perfect for parfait-lovers everywhere. No need for a co-host either! The welcoming silhouettes of this beautiful table are enough to summon your guests to taste test.

Where Atlanta Shops for Coffee Tables

Whether you’re hosting a cheesecake celebration or just looking for a new coffee table, we’ve got you covered. For over 29 years, we’ve been furnishing the Atlanta community with more than just cheesecake landing zones! Visit any one of our Atlanta-area furniture store locations, and let us help you find the perfect furniture for every room in your house!

Our favorite cheesecake recipes from Paula Deen