We just love when fall weather greets our Georgia skies! The rolling hills turn from deep hues of green to bright pops of gold, orange, and red. Everyone breaks out their oversized sweaters and cozy boots. There’s a tranquil spirit that inspires celebration and fun with family and friends. It’s such a great season.

We know the next few months will be filled with holiday parties, neighborhood get-togethers, and family gatherings. We also know there is a lot that goes into preparing your house for hosting fall weather festivities. Sometimes it means totally reimagining your social space.

If you love to host, but don’t quite have the seating and tablespace you need, it’s definitely time to upgrade and show off your party-ready home. We love the welcoming styles of Paula Deen’s furniture collection. Spacious countertops, large dining tables, and generously designed side tables all give you ample room to flaunt your decadent feast! Not only will they love your new look, they’ll love your countless snacking options! It’s a total win, win!

We all know Paula Deen doesn’t just design furniture. She’s a world-renowned chef, and she recently released a great selection of seasonal small bites and dishes you can make and serve on your fancy, new Paula Deen furniture!

Deep Fried Mac and Cheese & The Dogwood Outdoor Dining Table

There’s a nip in the air and your company is outside. It’s time to nibble on some steaming hot deep-fried mac and cheese bites! It’s the perfect dish for your new Dogwood Dining Table, and it will keep your outside guests feeling the warmth all evening! The cheddar and macaroni filled fried balls will definitely get the conversation going in your backyard.

Midwestern-Style Beer Brats & The Dogwood Cobblestone Kitchen Island

A German spin on an American classic, Paula Deen’s Midwestern-Style Beer Brats combine bratwurst sausage, beer of your choosing, and diced onions together for a tasty nod to our central states’ culture. We like the idea of turning this dish into a self-serve station on the Dogwood Cobblestone Kitchen Island. That way, your guests can custom garnish their brats and come back for seconds with ease!

Sweet Potato Donuts With Maple Icing & The Dogwood Low Tide Pie Crust Table

At the end of the night, it’s always fun for everyone to gather together in the living room to share stories, laugh, and chow down on dessert. Luckily, those tasty Sweet Potato and Maple Icing Donuts are already on your new Low Tide Pie Crust Table! Your guests won’t have to get up and miss a moment of fun! This spacious and slim side table has plenty of room for those tasty donuts, plates, and napkins! It’s almost as if Paula Deen designed it with fall parties in mind!

Find Your Perfect Paula Deen Piece At Woodstock

We have a great selection of Paula Deen furnishings for your home and yard. Her Southern-inspired style is the perfect match for your fall-inspired soiree, and our team will gladly help you find the piece you’re looking for to fit your party needs. Visit any one of our Atlanta-area stores and take a look at our Paula Deen assortment today!