You may not realize it, but your home has an additional living space: the great outdoors! If you have a porch, patio or poolside area, you have the perfect spot for dining, relaxing, and entertaining.

Whether you want to create an intimate conversation spot or a meditation area, you can bring your ideas to life with carefully selected furnishings and accessories. Outdoor furniture is a great investment because it offers you and your family a comfortable place to enjoy the great outdoors. Perfect for picnics and parties, or simply unwinding after a long week, having comfortable furniture on your deck is a must-have luxury.

Use these outdoor furniture ideas to transform your backyard into a fabulous extension of your home:

1. Maximize what you’ve got.

Get creative and don’t be put off by a small or oddly-shaped space. For example, turn a tiny walled-in patio into a breakfast retreat. Evoke a cafe feel by adding a bistro table and cozy seating area. In smaller spaces, add a potted herb garden or small greenery like bonsai trees for a tranquil feeling.

Dealing with a plain deck or a dreary concrete slab? These areas can become a dazzling dinner setting with a little creativity and the right patio furniture.

If you’re wondering what to do with expansive, open areas like these, focus on creating borders and defined spaces by using tall plants, decorative screens or trellises. By adding focal points at different heights and creating boundaries, you can turn a large backyard into an intimate seating area.

2. Find outdoor versions of the furniture and accessories you love.

Your outdoor furnishings can be as casual or as sophisticated as you like. If you have a preferred style indoors, chances are you can also find weather-tolerant versions for your outdoor spaces.

From luxurious outdoor sofas in fresh fabrics to elegant al fresco dining sets, everything you need for comfortable living is available in an outdoor model. You can even transform your outdoor space into a cozy “screening room” for summer family movie nights with the addition of a backyard theater system.

The biggest problem you’ll encounter is narrowing down the many fabulous outdoor living and dining options.

3. Light up the night.

Because advances in energy-efficient solar technology have changed the landscape of outdoor lighting options, a wide variety of accent and path lights that require little or no installation are available at your local home improvement retailer.

New designs in sun-powered table and floor lamps offer indoor charm and function for your outdoor spaces, while modern string lights featuring over-sized bulbs offer a fresh take on outdoor lighting.

Enhance the outdoor ambiance with stylish citronella candles, tiki torches, or solar lanterns. No matter what you prefer, you can find the perfect illumination to suit your style.

4. Add a touch of climate comfort.

Don’t ignore your deck, porch or patio just because the seasons have changed.

An easy and often overlooked way to cool an exterior space is an outdoor-rated ceiling fan. Add an optional light kit and you can brighten up your summer evenings. Fun colors, fan blade shapes and natural textures make these fans decorative elements in a space as well.

Also, don’t forget that there are fixes for colder seasons as well. Outdoor heating units ensure your family can spend just as much time outside in the fall and winter.

patio furniture

Transform your outdoor living space with stylish patio furniture and colorful accessories.

5. Use accessories to add color and ambiance.

Whether it’s pillows, blankets, rugs or umbrellas, you can use weather-proof accessories to add pops of color, pattern and visual interest in any theme.

Do you plan on using your outdoor area for dining? Set up an herb garden from which you can easily snip fresh basil, parsley and mint for your meals. Or, if your space is mostly furnished with seating, arrange the chairs and benches around an outdoor fireplace or chiminea.

Don’t forget finishing touches like soothing water features or colorful flowering plants.

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