As we approach the end of 2017, the age-old question arises:

“What is your New Year’s Resolution going to be?”

If you were going to say, “Upgrade and organize my outdated and cluttered spaces,” then you’re in the right place. Plastic drawers in the workroom? Blanket piles in the living room? Your parents’ hand-me-down mattress? We’ve all been there, but a new year gives you the perfect chance to change your dated ways and add some quality and style to your ever-growing space. Here are a few ways you can improve your home’s fashion and functionality.

2017: Blankets, Throws, and Pillows Out All Day
2018: Blankets, Throws, and Pillows Put Away

Your living room is one of your home’s main social spaces. It’s where the family hangs out and where your guests congregate during get-togethers. If your sofa is suffering from “over-throw syndrome” – a condition that arises from having too many blankets tossed on it – you should consider a dual-purpose storage option for the entire collection.

Our showroom has plenty of storage-style ottomans and drawer-heavy coffee tables to hide your living room items with ease.

The Brunner Storage Ottoman (center) is crafted from rugged brown leather and features an easy lift lid that hides its sizable storage space. Just fold up those unwanted throws or bulky accent pillows and hide them in there. Your space will feel much more open and inviting, and since it’s also an ottoman, you’ll have extra seating available for those special occasions.

If an ottoman isn’t your ideal solution, consider a coffee table with multiple drawers and platforms. That way, you can keep your extensive remote collection in one place, and tuck your folded blankets just out of sight.

2017: Sleepless Nights on Ancient Mattresses
2018: A One-Way Ticket to Snoozetown, USA

Mattress buying might seem intimidating to a lot of people, but it’s an important part of maintaining your quality of sleep and your health and hygiene. has a simple list of signs its time to part ways with the family mattress. “Even the highest quality mattresses wear out in time,” said Registered Nurse, Terry Cralle.

Box spring? Memory foam? Hybrid? The Sleep Gallery has exactly what you need to sleep soundly in 2018.

If you find yourself tossing and turning, waking up in pain, or experiencing an influx of allergy symptoms, then 2018 is your time to upgrade how you unwind. Mattresses also retain a large amount of Our Sleep Gallery has a multitude of mattress options to fit any sleeping style or budget. We carry the latest options from Stearns & Foster, Sealy, and Golden Elegance, and we’re the only certified Tempur-Pedic retailer in the Greater Atlanta Area. Who knows, you might find something so great, you’ll sleep through the whole year!

2017: All Plastic Everything
2018: “Let me show you my artisan-style reclaimed wood dresser.”

When all you needed was affordable storage, the plastic drawer was there. They were stackable, they came in different sizes, and they were cheap. You bought your first set for your college dorm room. That way you could see what socks, shirts, and shorts were clean and ready for a late-night study session. Over the years you added more plastic drawers (and a few plastic shelves) to your home. They were just so practical, but you are 10 years out of college, and 2018 says you should invest in some stylish and high-quality replacements.

We carry a large selection of durable and timeless dressers, armoires, and craft desks for your clothes, tech items, and important documents.

There are plenty of furniture options with the same storage capabilities as their plastic cousins. But instead of plastic, they’re made of fortified materials like wood and metal, and they add maturity and polish to your home. Consider replacing your bedroom’s plastic bins with a tall and spacious armoire. The Loft has plenty of unique, one-of-a-kind dressers, consoles, and armoires available for your living room, bedroom, and home office. We carry options with tons of drawer space, shelf space, and media space so everything from your plastic drawers can have a home in 2018.

Have a Resolution We Didn’t Cover?

Visit us! If there is something you’d like to upgrade for the new year, stop on by and talk to one of our knowledgeable furniture experts. With four locations across the Greater Atlanta area, we guarantee you find what you need to make 2018 great!

Use these unique tips to upgrade your home's storage style and declutter every room in your house like a design pro for the New Year.