When we asked our dining room buyer what decorative tips he’d give for furnishing a dining room, there was zero hesitation. His immediate reply was to mix and match your dining chairs. Mismatched chairs are a red hot trend in interior design, and a simple way to make any dining room pop. This is one reason why we offer every dining chair individually, as well as part of a dining set. Given this trend, you’ll be happy to know that Woodstock Furniture & Mattress Outlet has your dining room needs covered! Read our quick and easy tips on mixing and matching dining chairs below!

The Basics of Mixing and Matching Dining Chairs

The first thing to ask yourself, is what kind of mix do you want? On the surface, mixing and matching dining chairs is all about eclectic fun. However, underneath the chaotic exterior there needs to be a subtle method to the madness. Without structure, mixing and matching can quickly devolve into a jumbled mess.

The good news is that these “rules” are entirely up to you! Maybe you want to keep the style consistent (rustic, contemporary, industrial, etc.). Or perhaps having a pre-planned color palette is what is important to you. Regardless, here’s a few ideas:

Dining Table with Different Set of Chairs

Most people choose to keep their mixing and matching simple. This means picking your dining table first, and then picking a wholly unrelated set of dining chairs to match. By doing this, you can still play with different styles and accent colors while minimizing your effort. Perhaps a natural wood farmhouse table paired with a set of white, gray or even teal painted chairs. Let your imagination run free! This is so simple, anyone can do it!

Same Chair, Different Colors

Like the method above, this strategy involves a set of matching chairs with a dinner table of your choice. But there’s a twist. Instead of a set of identical chairs, experiment with the same dining chair in different color variations. Depending on the chair, this can be done when purchasing, or you can be ambitious and paint them yourself. Try experimenting with two alternating accent colors, or go bold and use every shade in the rainbow!

Different Chairs, Different Colors

Lastly, the most daring plan is to not only mix up the colors, but to mix up the styles too. This is not for the faint of heart, but it can be done with some planning and effort! As stated above, first determine the colors you want in your desired palette for your dining area. Remember that you can always mix up the styles while keeping the colors the same if you wish. Just food for thought.

Once you’ve settled on your color palette, it’s time for chair selection. One fairly easy way to do this is to select a mix of table height stools, side chairs and arm chairs within a similar style. If you go this route however, make sure to select dining chairs or stools of the same height. Many interior designers also suggest having at least a pair of chairs in each style. This establishes a minimum level of consistency and provides a slight framework for your quirky, eclectic dining room.

Photo of table with mismatched chairs

Lastly, there’s one more alternative worth mentioning – mixing dining chairs and dining benches! One of the hottest trends right now replaces all the chairs on one side of a table with a bench. If you’ve got a long rectangular dining table or farmhouse table, a dining bench is definitely worth your consideration!

North Georgia’s Home for Dining Room Decor!

Hopefully these quick tips will help you transform your dining room into a space with a unique character that you’ll enjoy for years to come! Whether you’re mixing and matching dining chairs or shopping for new furniture elsewhere in your home, we hope you’ll pay us a visit at one of our Atlanta area showrooms!