theLOFT is an interior decorator’s paradise and is hands-down one of our favorite spaces in the showroom. The purpose of theLOFT is to offer unique, rare furniture, and to inspire your creativity in the process. If you follow the WFMO blog, you’ll know that we’ve been discussing the various styles you’ll find at theLOFT. If you haven’t seen our posts about farmhouse style or industrial decor, you can read them here. Assuming you’re all caught up, scroll down and let’s talk about mid-century modern furniture!

The History of Mid-Century Modern

What is in a name? Sometimes, the name for something fits perfectly. “Mid-century modern” is one of those names because it describes this particular style exactly. “Mid-century modern” describes an aesthetic that people in the mid-20th century would’ve deemed “modern” or current. In other words, mid-century modern style reflects the style and technology of the period.

This design movement began in the 1930s but wouldn’t reach its peak until the 1950s and 1960s. In many ways, mid-century modern design was the natural evolution of the Bauhaus movement. Bauhaus design was streamlined, and was a rejection of the ornate, if not gaudy, Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles. Mid-century modern continued this trend of clean lines and simple, purpose-driven design. Once you know what to look for, you can see the movement’s impact on everything from architecture, to automotive, interior, and furniture design.

Elements of Mid-Century Modern

When thinking of mid-century modern, several things come to mind. If you’re a baby boomer, think of Leave It to Beaver, 1950s home appliances, or that cherry red ’63 Corvette Sting Ray with whitewall tires. If you’re younger, perhaps the TV show Mad Men would be a better example. Now you’re getting the picture.

In this style, elegance is found in an item’s functionality; and the form always follows the function. Above all, mid-century modern furniture must be sleek and functional. However, unlike its Bauhaus predecessor, mid-century modern also uses bright colors and occasionally, oddly-curved shapes. Lastly, mid-century modern furniture makes great use of alternative materials. Rather than traditional wood construction, glass, plastic and chrome-plated metal are used liberally. These modern materials combined with loud accent colors and organic shapes give mid-century modern furniture both a simple design and a fun aesthetic.

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