Why do we labor? The classic answer is a single, one-syllable word – bills. It costs money to live, and we work to make money. But if we’re honest, it should be about far more than just that. Wired deep inside every person is a desire to be productive and successful. We feel our best when we work hard and accomplish our goals, as big or as small as they may be. Labor Day is a holiday to celebrate the virtue of hard work and all the wonderful things it can accomplish. With that in mind, celebrate your own hard work with WFMO’s Labor Day Sale 2018!

Here at Woodstock Furniture & Mattress Outlet, we don’t need an excuse to bring you “great quality at low prices”. After all, it’s our motto and our way of life. So when we offer additional discounts, it’s no marketing gimmick. It’s because our vendors have chosen to opt into our sale and we’re passing those savings on to you!

Well, Labor Day is quickly approaching and starting today, we are offering 10% off every single product from over 25 of our brands! Or if you’d rather, pay no money down, and get zero-interest financing for 60 months! Choose the best option for your budget. Either way, you win big! Reward yourself for a job well done with some beautiful pieces from our participating furniture manufacturers!

Labor Day Sale Participating Brands

As we mentioned above, over 25 vendors have opted into our Labor Day Sale for 2018! Most of our competitors only carry products from a handful of manufacturers, but here at WFMO, we want to offer as wide a selection as possible. Because of this, we can offer great deals on a multitude of quality brands with products ranging from bedroom, to living room, dining room, and even outdoor furniture. Click on any of the brands below to see our online selection, and keep in mind that we have even more furniture available at our Acworth, Dallas/Hiram and Rome locations!