For many of us, the sound of a crackling fire brings back fond memories of our childhood. Whether roasting s’mores or telling stories around a campfire, the warmth and smell of of a roaring fire stirs the emotions. Many of us also have patios that go unused and neglected for 6 months a year or more. You’ve likely spent money, blood, sweat, and tears to transform your outdoor porch, deck, or poolside area into a functional living space. Why not get more use out of it? March is right on the cusp of “patio season”, but why wait any longer to use your patio furniture? We want to help you enjoy that beautiful patio for an extra few months every year. It’s easier than you think. Have you ever considered a fire pit or patio heater?

We all know how unpredictable Georgia weather can be. Just last year we had snowfall right after Thanksgiving, but in 2016 we had customers in our showroom Christmas shopping in flip-flops. Whether its garden beds full of flowers blooming in mid-February or blizzards blowing through in April, weather in Atlanta is volatile. New transplants to the Atlanta area are always surprised, but if you’ve lived here long enough you just mumble something about “Georgia weather” and shrug. Here at Woodstock Furniture & Mattress Outlet, we want to “fan the flames” of nights (and days) spent outside around the fire with friends and family. We encourage you to not let your deck, porch or patio be held hostage by the fickle whims of Georgia weather!

Our selection of fire pits, fire pit tables and patio heaters are the perfect patio furniture solution for your cold weather woes. Fire pits are a huge design trend right now in outdoor furniture. They are an easy way to add both value and function to your home. So where to start? Wood-burning fire pits can provide lots of warmth, but can require lots of upkeep and hassle. Gas fire pits like the Hatchlands Fire Pit Table shown above, burn cleaner, don’t require firewood, are easier to start, and generally take up less space. They are also better for the environment and won’t violate burn bans during droughts. If the ability to sit around the fire with company is secondary to your pure desire for warmth, a patio heater may be the perfect alternative for you.

Your Patio Furniture Destination in Metro Atlanta

Woodstock Furniture & Mattress Outlet wants to be the go-to source for all of your outdoor furniture needs. We have a year-round patio of our own; designed and stocked with outdoor dining sets, sectionals, umbrellas, and much more. We strive to offer better quality at lower prices to each and every customer that walks through our doors. Come by our Acworth showroom today to view our full lineup of outdoor décor and patio furniture!

PS – Remember to revisit our blog again soon as we will be discussing a brand new line of products! You won’t want to miss it!