The acquisition of a beautiful new rug will make any room in your house feel like home. An area rug should appeal to one’s taste, much like artwork. Think of rugs as artwork for the floor. The rug can be simple and subtle or even bold and intricate.

Rug shopping can be somewhat daunting, especially if you have never shopped for a rug previously. Having some basic knowledge about rugs before you begin shopping can help you choose the perfect rug for your home.

Read on, or watch the video below for our must-know tips for choosing the perfect rug for your home:

1. Determine what size of rug you need.

The first step to picking the right rug is making sure you understand what size of rug you need to fill your space. You’ll want to consider what room you are placing the rug in as well as what furniture it will be paired with.¬†Make sure to grab a tape measure and determine the flow of your room before shopping for your new rug. A good rule of thumb is that your rug’s shape should match the shape of the room. Therefore, square rooms should have square rugs, rectangle rooms should have rectangle rugs, and so on. Larger rugs, big enough to sit furniture on, are often considered more traditional. In contrast, many contemporary rugs are much smaller.

Modern or classic? Start with the rug’s look before decorating the rest of the room. We have a huge selection of contemporary rugs, transitional rugs, and traditional rugs available at our Acworth store.

Many people often err on the side of picking a rug that is too small, which can leave a room feeling unorganized. How you arrange your furniture around your rug is important. Furniture should be placed on top of or around the rug in a uniform fashion. For example, if you place a rug at the center of a seating arrangement in a living room, all chairs and sofas that surround the rug should have the same number of legs on or off of the rug. Chairs and sofas could surround a smaller rug without being placed on top of it, or each seat could have the front two legs resting on top of the rug. If you opt for a large rug, you could make sure that all four legs of each seat rest on top of the rug, leaving some extra space on the edges of the seating area.

2. Understand the types of rugs you can choose from.

From a construction standpoint, rugs can be divided into 3 basic categories: hand-knotted rugs, tufted rugs, and power-loomed (aka machine-made) rugs.

Hand-knotted rugs are the highest quality type of rug. These rugs have been produced for thousands of years on horizontal or vertical looms. Each knot is tied to the warp or foundation by the hands of a skilled weaver. These rugs are constructed of wool, silk, or a combination of the two fibers. The construction time and premium materials make this type of rug the most costly, but hand-knotted rugs are also the most durable and long-lasting. For instance, Persian rugs would fall under this category.

Rugs are an investment, so take your time deciding which one is the right fit for your space. Consider it’s durability and location in your home before you buy.

Tufted rugs also feature loomed construction, but these rugs are made with a tufting tool or a hand-held tufting gun. Wool is most common fiber utilized in this type of rug, but more recently there is a trend of using synthetic fibers. Tufted rugs resemble knotted rugs, but the construction is far less skilled, so the looming time is much shorter. These rugs are generally much more affordable than hand-knotted rugs.

Power-loomed machine-made rugs are woven on highly sophisticated computerized looms, which are programmed to generate designs and certain colors quickly and efficiently. The fibers used in these rugs vary and include wool, nylon, polypropylene, and viscose, as well as a variety of other natural and synthetic fibers. The efficient and rapid production process creates attractive machine-made rugs at an affordable price.

If you think of a rug as a work of art for your floor, a hand-knotted rug is like a beautiful oil painting and tufted and machine-made rugs are the prints created from that original painting.

Rugs also come in several different fabrics with wool absolutely being the most durable. Cotton, silk, polypropylene or viscose rugs are readily available, but wear more quickly and aren’t as easily cleaned.

3. Choose a style of rug that fits your taste.

In addition to the construction types of rugs, there are also 3 different style categories of rugs: traditional, transitional, and contemporary.

Which style suits your vision? Our design consultants can walk you through the rug-buying process with ease.

The style of rug you choose will reflect your personal tastes and should match the style of furniture in your home. If you love Old World designs or antique furniture, you’ll want to opt for a traditional style rug. Love modern minimalism? Then you’ll want to purchase a contemporary rug. If you love mixing classic and modern together, choose a transitional rug.

If you’re interested in layering your rugs, consider using a neutral-colored natural base rug and accent it with a character rug.

Find The Perfect Rug For Your Atlanta Home!

Lucky for you, at Woodstock Furniture & Mattress Outlet, every type of construction is available, in each style category. A well-appointed room can be achieved with any of these rug types. As a consumer, you should prioritize your rug needs according to the space you have available in your room, your personal taste and budget.

Keep in mind, our online selection of rugs is but a small sliver of the area rugs we have available. To see our full selection of rugs, take the short trip to our Acworth, GA furniture showroom today! Our friendly staff is eager to show you around our massive store and help you find the perfect furniture for your lifestyle as well as your budget.