You spend a lot of time at home, so your furniture and other home decor play a big role in how you feel. Numerous scientific studies have shown that a room’s color, lighting and even the layout of furniture can affect your mood. Want to redecorate to maximize your good mood? Here are a few home decor tips that showcase how furniture affects mood:

An Appealing Layout To Brighten Your Mood

How the furniture in your room is laid out is one of the most important factors affecting your mood. When shopping for a new home or apartment first, many people focus on picking out paint colors or color schemes without considering a room’s layout. The layout of your furniture in your room should actually be one of the first things you plan when moving or redecorating.

The function of your room is one factor in determining how to lay out furniture. After all, you will experience a home office much differently than a family room or den. Think about who will be using the room. Is it just meant for one or two people? If so, minimal seating may be appropriate.


If you plan to do a lot of entertaining in your living room, you will want to plan for seating that encourages conversation. A line of chairs or couches against one wall does not offer the opportunity for your guests to talk with each other. Instead, opt for a small grouping of chairs and loveseats near a fireplace or a spacious sectional sofa.

It is also important to consider how people will move through the room. Is there enough space to walk around furniture? Does the flow of the room make sense when you think about the daily activities? A poorly laid out room can create frustration and cause bad moods.

De-clutter & Create Focus For Your Space

Marie Kondo’s New York Times bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up has taken the world by storm in recent years, with her concept of keeping only things that “spark joy” in your home. Whether your de-cluttering methods are as meticulous as Kondo’s or you simply prefer a good purge every now and again, it is important to eliminate unneeded clutter in your home before rearranging and redecorating. Otherwise, you will just be reorganizing objects that don’t make you feel good in your space.

A few statement pieces of furniture and minimal accessories can make a much bigger impact on your mood than a room filled with all varieties of miscellaneous furniture and trinkets.

The four-piece Hunts Point Entertainment Wall by Parker House includes a 63" tv console, plus ample amounts of storage space both closed and open.

The four-piece Hunts Point Entertainment Wall by Parker House includes a 63″ tv console, plus ample amounts of storage space both closed and open.

When designing your room, pick a focal point or find a piece of statement furniture, like the four-piece Hunts Point Entertainment Wall by Parker House or a fabulous coffee table. Creating a place for the eye to focus in your room can minimize feelings of clutter and overwhelm.

Room Size

When choosing furniture for your room, keep in mind the size of the room as well as the ceiling height. Furniture needs to be proportionate to the overall size of the room. Adding oversized furniture for the room can make it hard to move throughout the room and create feelings of claustrophobia. On the flip side, furniture that is too small in a large room with high ceilings can create a cavernous vibe that can feel cold and unwelcome.


Keep In Mind Color Theory

Color has a big impact on your mood. Fast food restaurants use bright colors like orange and yellow and hard, plastic seats to keep customers moving in and out quickly.

Here is a quick run-down of what the different colors represent and how they affect your mood:

Black is associated with power and authority. For a big, bold statement or dramatic effect, opt for black furniture.

Grey is a classic neutral, providing a calm and conservative feeling. Grey is perfect for a sleek and modern home office and conveys a feeling of openness.

Pink is typically associated with femininity and is often found in little girls’ bedrooms. Brighter, bolder shades of pink can make a room feel modern and friendly.

Red is dramatic and dynamic. Candy-apple shades inspires appetite which is why they are often used in branding for restaurant chains. Red is often a great choice for accessories and small statement pieces, as it can be overpowering when used in large amounts.

Orange brings about a sense of energy and playfulness. This color feels friendly and positive, but like red, in large doses it becomes overwhelming. Paint just one wall orange, rather than the whole room. Use it for one focal piece of furniture for a touch of color.

Yellow is bright, happy and full of life. Yellow makes people think of sunlight, warmth and positivity. A pop of yellow can make a room feel joyous and fun.

Green is the color of nature, creating a relaxing, refreshing vibe in any room. In many cultures, green is also associated with wealth and growth and can lead to a positive outlook.

Blue in a room can offer a sense of harmony, trustworthiness and tranquility. You’ll find it in spaces ranging from corporate offices to day spas, as this shade creates a mood that is peaceful and calming.

Purple is traditionally associated with royalty but also evokes creativity. For an arty vibe to your room, opt for lighter, brighter shades of purple. Another option is to add deep eggplant tones for touch of luxury.

Layout Matters

When it comes to choosing wall colors, be sure to pick your paint colors after planning your room’s layout. First decide on your furniture and the mood you want your room to convey. It is much easier to find the perfect furniture first and choose a paint color that compliments it than vice versa.

Technology has made choosing a color palette easier than ever. While tools like Coolors and Adobe’s color generator were created primarily for crafting color schemes for web developers and graphic designers, they can be great for interior color palette ideas.

Bringing Nature Into Your Home

Lastly, anytime you can bring the great outdoors in, your mood is sure to improve. Studies have shown that children who receive adequate sunlight during their studies have better grades.

Similarly,  scenes of nature like trees and other greenery from your windows can also improve your ability to focus.

Whenever possible, utilize natural light throughout your home to improve your state of mind and increase productivity. If you live in an urban setting, try adding potted plants to your room. Or recreate the affects of the great outdoors with a windowsill garden.

Want to redecorate to maximize your good mood? Here are a few home decor tips that showcase how furniture affects mood.

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