We all love our kids, but boy can they be a handful! Having children means muddy shoes, drink spills, and Goldfish crackers between the sofa cushions. Similarly, if you’ve got pets, you know that our four-legged friends come with their own unique set of challenges. One the most difficult is trying to keep your furniture looking as nice as the day you bought it! Especially with kids. Or pets. Or a really clumsy spouse. That’s why Woodstock Furniture & Mattress Outlet carries furniture upholstered with the finest stain resistant and moisture repellent fabrics. Read on to learn about a few performance fabrics that could change your life!

What are Performance Fabrics?

Firstly, what exactly are they? Performance fabrics are fabrics with special qualities not found in your run of the mill wool, cotton, linen or polyester. These specialized upholstery fabrics feature properties like stain resistance, odor resistance, water repellency, resistance to fading from sunlight, or extra durability. Each performance fabric has its own set of unique qualities, so it’s easier than ever to tailor your living room furniture to your own lifestyle!

So Many Performance Fabric Options!

At WFMO, we’ve got loads of performance fabric options right in our showroom. Any of our furniture experts would love to help you find the perfect fit! Many pieces from some of our favorite brands already feature performance fabric. Brands like Best Home, Craftmaster, England, and Kincaid offer entire product lines designed around anti-stain, anti-moisture, or anti-fading fabric.

One of the most popular is Revolution Performance Fabric. Made from a synthetic yarn called olefin, Revolution fabric is extremely resistant to stains, fading and odor, as well as being very durable. It is very easy to clean because it is neither water repellent nor absorbent. Olefin is even bleach safe! Best Home, Craftmaster and England Furniture all have pieces made with Revolution fabric.

Another popular option is Sunbrella fabric. While there are a variety of Sunbrella fabrics, all are acrylic and resistant to stains, to the moisture that causes mold and mildew, and to UV fading. As a result, Sunbrella is also bleach cleanable. You’ll find Sunbrella on a number of indoor and outdoor products from Kincaid, Paula Deen Home and others.

This last group of performance fabrics are chemically treated to be liquid repellent and stain resistant. While each of them are a bit different, LiveSmart, OptiClean, Infinesse, Kincaid’s Kinguard, and Craftmaster’s Family Life fabric are all hydrophobic. This means that the fabric itself repels liquids, making them bead up on the surface. The result? Stains and spills usually are cleanable with only a paper towel or absorbent rag. Since stains rarely make it past the surface, cleanup is a snap!

Lastly, these fabrics are able to be upholstered onto your own custom order furniture! That means that you can pick the frame you want, and have it covered in the fabric that works best for you and yours. Your options are limitless!

North Georgia’s Home for Performance Fabrics & Upholstery

There you have it! Don’t waste a second more than you have to cleaning up life’s little messes. Save precious time and effort with any of these performance fabrics. Once you’ve had a sectional, sofa, loveseat or chair covered in one of these miracle fabrics, you won’t be able to live without it!

Swing by our Acworth, Rome or Dallas/Hiram showroom today to see them first hand. Remember, whether it’s Kincaid FurnitureEngland FurnitureCraftmaster, or Best Home Furnishings, we can custom order the exact piece and fabric you want!