Even though we are a month and a half into 2018, there are still ways to embrace the trends of the new year. Buying new furniture is a big investment, so it’s common to see a lot of trends carry over from the previous year. You’re adding a new piece to your home, which can totally change its look and feel. If the trends keep changing, how can you keep up? Luckily, many of these trends are here to stay, so we’re going to highlight our three favorites and get you on the road to a new look this new year!

Jewel Tones & Velvet

We saw this trend take center stage in 2017. Many interior design websites focused their early articles on emerald green velvet furniture, but that has since expanded to include jewel tones of all colors. A saturated, jewel-toned chair or sofa can add a dramatic contrast to a neutral room. Use your rug to help single out the best color for your space or let one of our in-house design experts guide you toward the perfect jewel-toned piece.

If you’re not ready to go bold – a soft, washed out jewel-toned accent chair like the one above might be the best way to incorporate this trend into your home. It still adds a significant amount of color without being too loud. The fabric doesn’t have to be velvet either. Many of our favorite jewel-toned pieces come in durable, stain-resistant fabrics and finishes. Your active family won’t destroy this gem, trust us.

If you’re ready to make a statement with your seating, consider an option like this England accent chair. It’s a rich addition to any living room, bedroom, or home office. Have dark, moody walls? Go with a bright and rich sofa, loveseat, or chair. Your space will pop like never before.

What if you want to design your own jewel-toned furniture? We have a huge selection of customizable pieces from brands like England Furniture and Kincaid Furniture. You might just find a hidden gem in our expansive fabric libraries.

Vintage Lighting Fixtures

Leave your bland department store lights in the dust. It’s time to go vintage. According to The Spruce, “The modern farmhouse trend is driving the craving for vintage lighting. But we are not talking about Edison bulbs.” Adding an antique lighting fixture to a contemporary space can create texture and add dimension to a flat look. A worn-in finish or chandelier-esque shape will illuminate your interiors in more ways than one. theLOFT has a great selection of chandeliers and lights you can use to create this look at home.

Warm Color Schemes

That’s right… Warm colors are so cool right now! One of the most impactful ways to showcase this 2018 trend is in your living room. Reds, oranges, browns, and golden yellows create a warm and inviting feel to your home’s most-used area. Much like the jewel-tone trend from above, if you’re not ready to embrace this idea for something like a sofa, accent chairs and coffee tables are great substitutes. There is a multitude of ways to create warmth in your home. New accent pillows, table decor accessories, and wall art are other ways to bring these cozy colors inside.

This cream-colored sectional sofa might be the largest piece in the room, but the standout is striped. This look is the perfect blend of warm tones and dimension. The printed accent chair is the perfect contrast to the neutral sectional. It’s not overbearing and its pattern ties nicely to the sofa’s color. Round out your warm color scheme with a muted red rug, chocolate brown coffee table, and a golden landscape scene.

Get Trendy at Woodstock!

Want to add a colorful piece to your space? Want to warm it up? Want to change how you light up a room? Our Atlanta-area furniture stores have everything you need to be on trend for less in 2018. Our experienced showroom professionals will gladly assist you in finding (or designing) the furniture of your dreams. You’re just a short drive away from a stunning interior update, Atlanta!