theLoft is metro Atlanta’s source for unique decor and interior design inspiration. Located within our Acworth and Hiram showrooms, theLoft is our curated collection of furniture in a variety of trending styles. As we discussed a few weeks ago, there are three big trends you’ll find at theLoft. While we’ll discuss industrial decor and midcentury modern later, today we’ll be discussing the ins and outs of farmhouse decor. Don’t let your location dictate your style. We’ll help you enjoy the relaxed, homey feel of a country farm, even if you live in the urban city center or suburbia.

History of Farmhouse Decor

As you might expect, America’s rural past is the key inspiration for the modern farmhouse style. During the heyday of American agriculture from the 1700s to early 1900s, settlers pushed ever westward. These farmers built their own homes by hand with only the resources they had available. As a result, rather than the mostly brick construction found in cities, farmhouses were typically built from timber. Rather than focusing on fashion like those in urban society, these farmers were far more concerned with functionality. This was the beginning of farmhouse decor. In fact, farmhouse design is an homage to the beauty and simplicity of this bygone rural era.


Features of Farmhouse Decor

Now imagine these same concepts applied to furniture. Concepts like handmade, rough-hewn hardwood construction, and solid yet simple design. Farmhouse style is all about modest, comfortable furniture. Furniture that is robust and designed to be well used.

The best example of this is the aptly named “farmhouse table”. Often paired with a dining bench, these beautiful hardwood dining tables add instant character to your dining room or kitchen. Add even more country charm to your dining area by forgoing formal servers or cabinets in favor of a simple cupboard. Barn doors are yet another popular trend within farmhouse style. Instantly transform your living room with a wall unit featuring barn doors.

Another key element of farmhouse decor is the inclusion of shades of white, cream, beige or taupe. Usually, these lighter, neutral color palettes are paired with wooden elements. The shade of the wood used can vary, but darker shades like cherry or mahogany can dress things up a bit too much. That doesn’t mean you can’t have darker accent pieces, but when in doubt keep it light.

Farhouse Dining

Build Your Own “Farmhouse” at theLOFT

Hopefully, we’ve inspired you today. If you’re on a journey to make your home a “farmhouse”, come by theLOFT in Acworth or Hiram. Our experts would love to help make those dreams a reality! Keep in mind that we get new items in theLOFT weekly. Check back soon as we’ll be posting on industrial and mid-century modern decor as well!