Buying a sofa is an investment, so it’s no surprise that we often encounter this question from customers in our furniture showrooms: “What are the most durable furniture fabrics?” Our customers understandably want to get the most bang for their buck, and we want to help them do it! Whether it’s leather or a vegan fabric you have in mind for your living room, there are plenty of durable sofa upholstery options to choose from. Read on to find out which of these furniture fabrics are the best option for your family room.

Woodstock Furniture Outlet stocks a wide variety of durable fabric sofas.

Woodstock Furniture & Mattress Outlet stocks a wide variety of durable fabric sofas.

Durable Synthetic Furniture Fabrics

Modern technology has created some of the strongest and most durable upholstery¬†fabrics around. Synthetic fabrics that were originally designed for outdoor use are among the most durable fabrics for sofas and loveseats. Just because these indoor-outdoor fabrics were invented for patio use doesn’t mean they aren’t great in your living room, especially if you have children or pets.

Many people still associate indoor-outdoor fabrics with rough, scratchy materials that look and feel like plastic. However, today’s all-weather fabrics are anything but. Most outdoor furniture fabrics these days are made from solution-dyed acrylic, as are many indoor living room sets. This acrylic is soft to the touch but strong, colorfast and resistant to water and other liquids. Spill something on a couch made from one of these fabrics? Just sponge off the mess with soap and water.

Ultrasuede and microfiber sofas are another fan favorite. These durable fabrics are stunning, comfy, long-lasting and easy to clean up. If your family is extra clumsy, look for fabrics in patterns and prints that will camouflage any stains or spills. However, if you have pets avoid any tweed-like fabrics which can become a collector of pet hair.

It’s important to note that not all synthetic fabrics are created equally. Viscose and polyester furniture fabrics can both be good choices, but avoid 100% polyester fabrics. Go with a blend, as pure polyester may be stained by food spills and the oils in your skin.

Looking for a leather couch? Woodstock Furniture Outlet has you covered.

Looking for a leather couch? Woodstock Furniture & Mattress Outlet has you covered.

Durable Natural Furniture Fabrics

While synthetic fabrics are typically more durable than natural fibers such as silk or linen, some natural fabrics hold up very well to wear and tear. Leather sofas are a more expensive natural option, but when you consider how long your family will be sitting on your sofa, it can be an investment that pays dividends in durability.

Worried about kids and pets scratching up your nice leather sofa? A more rustic living room setting with a distressed leather sectional can be the perfect solution. Distressed leather upholstery is great at hiding minor scratches and blemishes. An added bonus of leather sofas for pet owners is that leather naturally deflects hair from dogs and cats. You won’t find any hidden clumps of Fido’s fur on your long-lasting leather couch.

Maintaining Your Furniture Fabrics

Ensure your sofa has a long life by immediately cleaning up any spills and scheduling a minor monthly clean up. Vacuum your sofa once a month to remove the dirt that naturally accumulates over time. Otherwise, tiny particles combined with friction from your family members shifting in their seats can wear down the fibers of your sofa.

If your sofa is due for an upgrade, explore the many living room options found throughout our furniture stores in Acworth, Dallas, and Rome, GA. Our sales associates would be happy to help you find the perfect sofa for your family’s lifestyle!

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 Buying a couch is an investment, so it's no surprise customers often ask us: "What is the most durable furniture fabric?" Get the most bang for your buck with these durable fabric options. Learn more at