As our customers, your home décor desires matter to us. Our primary goal is to help you transform your home into exactly what you’ve always wanted. More than anything, we want you to be excited and overjoyed with your new furniture. For many with space constraints, this means decorating small and learning to do more with less.

On a daily basis, we’ll have a customer come into one of our showrooms asking for advice on how to furnish their studio, loft or efficiency apartment. Well, this post is just for you! While a few paragraphs aren’t quite an adequate substitute for an in-person talk with our furniture specialists, the four tips below will hopefully be a helpful primer for furnishing and decorating small spaces!

#1 Brighten Up Your Home

Adequate lighting can make a space feel much larger than it actually is. Unfortunately, lighting is often the last thing we consider when furnishing an interior space. As a result, this mistake leads to dark corners and a constricting feel, especially in a compact apartment or condo. While quantity and placement of light fixtures is key, that’s just one way to address lighting. Keep your color palette light and integrate a mirror or two into your décor to really open things up.

#2 Define Your Floorplan

Many people struggle with decorating small studio apartments. This is because an open floor plan is truly a blank slate. Without any overlying structure, it can be overwhelming to know what furniture should go where. For this reason, your first step should always be to define certain areas within your home. Once you’ve done that, use long pieces like sofas, servers, credenzas or sofa tables to give structure to a living or dining area. For additional privacy, use a curtain, room divider or piece of tall furniture like a bookcase to separate your bedroom.

#3 Downsize Your Furniture

Grandiose pieces of furniture can make your already small spaces look even tinier. Your furniture choices should be dictated by the size of your apartment and scaled to fit. If you’re downsizing and moving into a small loft apartment, perhaps you should ditch your old sectional or large dining table for something more appropriate. A loveseat is a wonderful alternative for a full-size sofa, and a small breakfast set can be a perfect replacement for a full dining table.

#4 Utilize Multipurpose and Modular Furniture

Lastly, be on the lookout for modular furniture pieces that or pieces that can serve multiple roles in your home. For instance, storage ottomans or lift-top cocktail tables are a great way to add some storage functionality to your living room with minimal effort. Similarly, day beds or futons allow your bed to be used for something other than just sleeping. Drop-leaf tables are adaptable and ideal for expanding or contracting depending on if you need extra space at the table for a guest or two.

North Georgia’s Home for Decorating Small

Obviously, there are tons of other great tips out there for furnishing small apartments, condos or dorms. But hopefully this was a good jump-off point for you. We just wanted to give you a gentle nudge in the right direction. Now get out there and make it happen!

Whether your home is big or small, WFMO has the furniture you want at prices you can’t beat. We have something for everyone, with styles perfect for both tiny studio apartments and grand palatial estates. For those of you with teens or college students, back-to-school is nearly upon us. Keep in mind, you can use these same tips for decorating dorms too! Keep your eyes peeled for a dedicated back-to-school post, coming soon to the Woodstock Furniture & Mattress Outlet blog!