The holiday rush is unavoidable, but you likely don’t need us to tell you that! Fortunately, we’ve still got a couple weeks until Christmas! And while many of you have already decorated, many of us are still running around like crazy trying to get ready.

Do you want to do something a little different with your decor this year, but you’re not sure what? The internet is so full of suggestions that sometimes you can get lost amidst all the voices. So WFMO has done the work for you! Below, we’ve picked 4 of our favorite 2018 Christmas decor tips for your consideration. Give these quick and easy Christmas decor tips a try and let us know on social media which one is your favorite!

Christmas Trees Aren’t Just for Your Living Room

Local blogger and friend of WFMO, Danielle Stanley, has shared tons of valuable holiday décor advice on her blog over the past month. One takeaway we loved was her suggestion to not limit Christmas trees to the living room. Instead, Danielle suggests adding a Christmas tree to your bedroom. As she points out, there’s something warm and cozy about the ambiance of Christmas lights. Lying in bed reading or even just falling asleep to the twinkling white lights of a Christmas tree can be so relaxing.

Feel free to take this idea and run with it however you like! The size and placement of a secondary tree is entirely up to you. There’s nothing wrong with Christmas trees of various sizes throughout the home; from a giant tree in the living room, to small counter-top trees and everything in-between!

Ornaments Aren’t Just for Your Christmas Tree

red and gold ornaments in a decorative bowl

At one time or another, we’ve all gotten into a rut with our home decor. And just like the tip above, we sometimes need to shift our perspective. Who says that Christmas tree ornaments are only for Christmas trees? After reading this great post over at My Soulful Home, the simple utility of a normal ball ornament really jumped out.

Don’t get stuck in the “same old same old”. Have extra Christmas balls you’re not putting on the tree? Throw a few in a decorative bowl (ok, don’t literally throw them) for a quick dining table centerpiece. You can do this in literally every room of your home. This same method even works with miniature balls in small dishes, apothecary jars or mason jars! For more Christmas ball ornament inspiration, check out this even more in depth post from My Soulful Home.

Ditch that Ugly Old Christmas Tree Stand

Whether you have an artificial tree or a traditional fir, chances are you are covering up the ugly base with a tree skirt or blanket. Alternatively, try using a tub, bucket or crate instead for some quick and easy style points! This works particularly well with rustic farmhouse or industrial style decor, like that you’d find in theLOFT.

Taking advantage of this hot holiday trend can be as simple or complex as you want to make it. For the easiest route, buy a galvanized metal tub or crate large enough to set your tree base inside. You can usually find these at a craft or home improvement store. Leave it natural, or paint to fit your decorating scheme. Choose whichever approach works best for your home!

Gift Wrap as an Extension of Your Decor

red and green wrapped Christmas gifts underneath Christmas tree

Lastly, we have a Christmas decor tip that takes literally zero extra effort since you’ll be doing it anyway. This pro tip comes to you courtesy of The Leslie Style blog. Before you wrap all the presents to put them under the tree this holiday season, coordinate your colors!

Make your gift wrapping an extension of your Christmas decor! It is as easy as buying matching wrapping paper. This works whether your decorative theme is monochromatic, vibrantly colored, or has a specific accent color. Be sure to wrap those presents ASAP for maximum impact!

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