So, you just bought a brand-new dining set for your holiday festivities. Football games, pot-luck dinners, Thanksgiving, and Christmas? That table will be the centerpiece of good times this holiday season! Before your guests arrive, give your new table a fresh new look with one of these tablescape ideas.

Bring Fall Inside

Fill a basket with fall finds from your backyard.

The deep, moody hues of fall are nothing to be afraid of. Fall is all about warm, cozy feelings, which is why it’s perfect to bring those colors indoors. Your dining room table centerpiece is the ideal way to display the tone of the season without having to overhaul your entire house. It’s as simple as walking outside (or heading to a craft store), and finding a variety of leaves, twigs, pinecones, and berry bunches that complement each other’s color. Red, yellow, and forest green leaves, dark brown branches, and cream-colored berry stems all pair perfectly. Arrange them in a shallow reclaimed wood box to add the final rustic finish to this fall-weather focal point.

Add Dimension

Adding height and texture brings a new dimension to your table.

A single-level tablescape tends to be overlooked. Unrolling a table runner and calling it a day might seem efficient, but it doesn’t convey a cohesive fall look the way a multi-level tablescape does. Imagine walking through the rolling hills of Georgia. There’s color, texture, and dimension from the pine cones on the trail to the turning leaves above. Add your woodland branches to tall worn-in jugs and embellish with multi-colored gourds and pumpkins. It’s an easy way to add height and depth to your dining room display.

Go Modern

Lanterns and small cases add a modern charm to your fall look.

If you’re interested in testing out arrangements that go against the tradition of fall foliage and greenery, try out accent items like decorative balls, canvas trunks, and metal lanterns. All of these add a human element to your tablescape, but represent the atmosphere of fall. Decorative accent balls shaped from branches and other organic objects are a modern interpretation of the traditional idea. Manmade wicker baskets and petite leather-strapped cases are a unique alternative to the norm.

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