Adjustable bases are changing the way many of us sleep. As time passes, more and more sleepers are turning to Tempur adaptive, gel memory foam, and hybrid mattresses. Now there are arguments to be made in favor of any of these options. But one thing is certain; these mattresses are far less rigid than their traditional inner spring competitors. As a result, adjustable bases are quickly becoming the norm. A simple, one-time upgrade to your mattress base can add lots of value and functionality to your mattress!

Health Benefits of Adjustable Bases

We’re no doctors, but we know sleep is incredibly important. Study after study reveals just how important sleep is to everything from the immune system, to work performance, to the healthy development of our children. Unfortunately for many, sleep is a very fragile thing. There are a multitude of factors that can affect our quality of sleep. Adjustable bases are one easy way to mitigate many of those factors.

Common conditions that affect the body’s ability to sleep usually fall into one of two categories. The first group are musculoskeletal issues. Are you dealing with chronic back, neck, shoulder or hip pain? Far too many people wake daily with some form of muscle or joint soreness. Often orthopedists will recommend sleeping in a certain position depending on what ails you. An adjustable base could be the perfect solution for you.

The second group of issues are internal; either pertaining to the body’s gastroesophageal or respiratory systems. Obviously, this includes increasingly common issues such as acid reflux (GERD), snoring and sleep apnea. While you should always consult your physician if you’re concerned, an adjustable base is often useful in treating these symptoms.

Practical Benefits of Adjustable Bases

Maybe you don’t snore or suffer from a bad back. However, there’s a whole slew of non-medical reasons to own an adjustable base. Do you often read in bed like millions of other Americans? Do you watch TV, or use a laptop or tablet in bed? Instead of endlessly rearranging your pillows to get just the right support to sit up, consider the alternative. A one-time investment in one of our adjustable bases will provide years and years of practical use!

Metro Atlanta’s Mattress and Adjustable Base Specialists

These are but a few of the substantial benefits gained by sleeping on an adjustable base. You can find our full line of adjustable bases as well as compatible Tempur-adapt, gel memory foam, and hybrid mattresses at any Woodstock Furniture & Mattress Outlet location. This includes our brand new Woodstock Mattress Outlet location in Kennesaw! Come by and let our no-pressure sleep experts help you find the perfect mattress and base for you!

Lastly, we’ll be diving even deeper in the next few months into the specific factors that affect our sleep. We hope you’ll join us!