There are few things that can immediately upgrade a home’s interior like classic leather seating. These beautiful pieces of furniture are a practical addition to your family room and come in a variety of sizes and styles for you to consider. Leather has gone modern, and is showing up in lots of unexpected places. Consider upgrading your living room with these leather sofa ideas:

An Array of Colors

Most of us think of brown when we think of leather, but leather furnishings are available in a wide spectrum of colors and shades. While burgundy and deep chocolate are still classics, you can find almost any color to suit your decor. Consider fashionable hues like snow white, aqua blue, deep red or metallic gray.

A Hide for Every Lifestyle

If you have pets or a young family, pigmented leather is a perfect option for you. However, if you have a less-active household, you might lean towards pure aniline, which offers maximum suppleness but the least stain resistance.

Not Just for Sofas and Chairs

Leather looks great in the living room, but these days you can decorate with it anywhere. Consider a leather headboard, tabletop or bookcase to add a touch of luxury to any room in the house. Leather trim is also a great look and can be found on everything from dining room chairs to mirrors and accent pieces.

Types of Leather, Explained

If you’re a leather lover, you’ll be pleased to find many options awaiting you the next time you go furniture shopping. There are leather styles to match every decor, from comfy and casual to sophisticated and upscale. When browsing for leather, keep the following options in mind:


This is the most high-end leather you can buy. It comes from the very top layer of the hide and contains all of the natural grain.


This grain is similar to full-grain, however, its imperfections have been sanded and buffed to give the leather a smoother, more uniform look.


Split-grains are the layers beneath the top grain. While highly durable, split-grains aren’t as supple as top-grain leathers.


Having been soaked in aniline dye, these leathers are very supple. However, because aniline has no other finishes or pigments, it has less stain protection.

When buying leather, be sure to look at several different styles. Feel free to sit on and touch the pieces to get a feel for their comfort and “hand.” Select the most inviting piece you can afford. Just know that leather, like fine wine, improves with age. If you choose the right piece for your lifestyle and maintain it properly, it will last you for years to come.

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