Summer is on its way, and it’s the perfect time of year to revamp your child’s bedroom. While the kids are home from school you can renovate and redecorate, getting the whole family involved.

Need a few kids room design ideas to get you started? Here are 5 of our favorites.

Make white the main neutral.

The Summer House Full Panel Bed by Liberty Furniture Industries is manufactured from poplar and pine solids with an oyster white finish. This ornate bed features louvered panel accents and arched crown molding on the headboard.

“White in a kid’s room? Are you crazy??” We get it, but hear us out.

White actually makes the perfect neutral color for your kid’s room because it’s possible to easily paint over scuffs and scratches and bleach out stains. Plus, white pairs well with pastels, bright jewel tones and poppy primary colors, which all work well in a child’s bedroom. For instance, we love how this white Summer House Twin Panel Bed pairs with fresh lime green and sky blue bedding and accessories.

Pick a patterned wallpaper.

You don’t have to overwhelm your child’s room with four walls worth of crazy wallpaper, but by choosing a colorful patterned wallpaper for at least one focal wall, you can breathe new life into a boring room.

Save space by going vertical.

The Myers Twin over Twin Loft Bunk Bed, by Coaster

For many growing families, space is at a premium. If you have more than one child sharing a bedroom, going vertical is a great way to make the most of out small spaces. That’s why we love the Myers Twin over Twin Loft Bunk Bed, by Coaster. Made entirely out of steel, this durable bunk bed is perfect for a child’s room.

Maximize storage under the bed.

Maximize storage under the bed with this Leo Trundle.

Similarly, whether you’ve got multiple kids sharing the same room or you just need more storage space for all their stuff, it’s important to utilize every nook and cranny in your child’s room. We offer a wide variety of storage solutions for kid’s beds including this Leo Trundle.

Install a LEGO wall.

That under-bed storage area will come in handy if you take on this project, as you’ll want a place for your child to tuck away all of their LEGOs. Encourage your child’s creativity and learning by creating a built-in place for them to build and explore, like the blogger behind weelife did, as seen above. This DIY trend of using LEGO baseplates to create a LEGO wall is all the rage and it’s an easy weekend project.

Need more design inspiration for your child’s room?

Check out these kids beds we love or visit one of our Atlanta furniture stores to speak with a design associate. They can help you pick out the perfect pieces to suit your family’s needs, including your style and budget.

Summer is on its way and it's the perfect time of year to revamp your child's bedroom. Here are 5 of our favorite kids room design ideas to get you started.