We are so excited fall is back in Georgia! The leaves are changing and the flannel is coming out, y’all! The outdoors change with the seasons, but what about the indoors? Redecorating your house to accompany the changing weather is a fun way to reinvigorate your living space’s look and feel. Welcome the colors and trends of fall 2017 with these bold decorating tips:

Utilitarian and Reclaimed Materials

The lines of this dining table add a touch of style to its material makeup.

According to Business Insider, “Plywood is having a comeback.” The sleek lines of this minimalist style are greeted with the natural disorder of chopped wood. Add a refurbished, no-frills dinner table to your dining room, and let its warm caramel tones welcome your fall weather festivities with functional ease. If you really want to embrace this aesthetic, consider adding other darker tones to your space – like chestnut and mocha – and stun visitors with some drama!

A reclaimed wood coffee table and geometric chest add robust movement to any room.

Woven Textures

Woven baskets can add a little-unrefined character to a “too perfect” space.

The subtle dimension of a woven textile adds an earthy, Zen-like depth to any room. Add flat woven baskets to your wall as art, or accent your rustic sofa with a wicker basket full of warm wool blankets. Have your friends gather ‘round on petite woven and wood chairs for game night, or dine with the weaved lines of wicker framed seats.

The texture of wicker seating and cerused wood complements any clean, smooth space.

Refine the rough look with soft colors and simple styles, and you’ll fall in love fast!

This Magnolia Home couch has burlap details, which give a down-to-earth feel to a room.


Bedroom Retreats

This iron bed from Magnolia Home is a whimsical way to kick-start your sanctuary upgrade.

If there’s one place to escape the overwhelming noise of the world, it’s the bedroom. Before the holiday season kicks in, change up your sleeping arrangement to counter the constant shuffle of school days, sports, and family gatherings. We say, leave the cords on the kitchen counter. Transform your bedroom into a quiet sanctuary. The farmhouse-style bed frame from Magnolia Home is a great start to redoing your bedroom. “Surround your sleeping space with canopies or lace curtains hung from a faux wooden beam,” says Country Living magazine. Finish with an oversized, cushioned chair in a clean color for added coziness.

You can customize this Kincaid chair and ottoman to fit your bedroom’s sanctuary style.

Find Your Fall Furniture with Woodstock

There’s no better time to change up your interior style than now! All of our Atlanta-area furniture stores are fully loaded with every piece you need to build the utilitarian or woven room of your dreams. Our design experts can help you build out a beautiful space before the holidays get rolling. Visit us today!

Our favorite fall season decor trends for 2017